Thursday, January 19, 2012

SOPA and PIPA: Revisiting Intellectual Property

To be "timely" and responsive to current events (and also very lazy), I thought I would repost some of my thoughts about intellectual property.  Well, not so much repost, as link (getting lazier).

I generally don't like to sully myself with the inner machinations of the system so proudly hailed as "democracy," but ... man, I really hope SOPA and PIPA don't get very far without being severely emasculated.  The internet has become a real (not virtual) battleground.  It is an arena of struggle between old-school and new-school capitalists (Recording Industry vs Google) just as much as it is the domain of a counter-insurgency led by the capitalists in their unity against the guerilla creators/producers who dare evade their hegemony.  And since I am invested in the triumph of the latter, I can only hope the capitalists don't A-bomb the whole battlefield to smithereens.  Yet, I don't think they quite know what they are dealing with.  The internet, I am sure, will have its revenge.

And if they succeed in ruining the internet, I can only hope that every white supremacist website coincidentally also engages in copyright infringement.

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